Help icon Contextual help

If you need help, click on the top right button in Duik to open the contextual help, or hold the [Shift] button on your keyboard while clicking on any button to get some help.

In this help panel, there are 3 tabs.

Contextual Help panels

  • The first displays some help, using the context of what you’re currently doing with Duik: it will display the help of the current tool. You can display the help for any tool by clicking on the tool with the [Shift] button.
  • The second tab displays the latest news about Duik and Rainbox. If a new version of Duik is available, it will be advertised there.
  • The third tabs contains more information about Duik.

At the bottom of the panel, the “More…” button will get you to a more detailed web page about the current tool.