DuAEF is a toolset for After Effects which includes (most of) the tools Duduf & Rainbox develop for their productions.

End User Tools included in DuAEF

Alphabetical order

  • Duben - A tool to benchmark the performance of an installation of After Effects against other versions and hardware.
  • Dugr - A tool to manage and group layers in After Effects, which works hand in hand with Duik or as a stand-alone tool.
  • Duframe - Framing guides to help your compositions.
  • Duik - A comprehensive rigging and animation toolset.
  • Krita - A simple script to import Krita animations into After Effects.
  • WUStoryboarder - A simple script to import Storyboarder files into After Effects and create a composition.

User Licence

The Duduf After Effects Framework is free software released under the GNU-General Public License v3. Read more about the license.

The complete source code of DuAEF is freely available on github.

Using DuAEF to develop your own scripts

DuAEF includes some libraries for developpers with classes, methods and tools to ease the scripting process in After Effects, as long as adding features (like pngquant, ffmpeg, or json, and new ScriptUI Controls) not available in After Effects/ExtendScript.

It is very easy to use and documented.

Contributing to DuAEF

Any help to develop DuAEF, Duik and all the tools is very appreciated!

We need feedback, feature requests, bug reports, translations, code contribution… Anything, really! Whether you’re a developer or not, anyone can contribute!

Read the contributing guide to get started.